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PCWONG.ORG is registered for business on February 6, 2013.
It is now open for business and thank you for your patronage.


We have moved the hosting to FAT COW, there will be some pages lost or access problem as we are reconstructing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our mission and what we do..

We are offering services for all businesses and organizations to plan, design, develop, assistance and support to have a web presence as the web will be a dominant mean to reach to your potential and existing customers. This is the service that we all need to provide support and means to accomplish our mission serving our customers and friends.
  • Planning from conceptual idea to concrete implementation
  • Website design and development
  • Website promotion and marketing
  • Problem solving, assistance and training with all supports
  • Hosting and other processes.
Cost? Per Hour Rate: $50. Hosting? Design? Peronsal $50 Business $250 Enterprise $900.
Personal tutorial? $50 per hour and discounts for various group. For example, personal 10% discount, kids 20% discount, senior 30% discount, financial difficulty 50% discount.

We are also offering tutoring services for all students and individuals to learn, to solve problem, and to succeed academically, to enjoy learning, and to have a better life. Tutoring from either group, personal or online format is available:
  • Group discussion/learning, a maximum of 5 people
  • Personal, individual, one on one.
  • Online individual, email question and answer through blog to each particular question.
Cost? About $50 per hour per individual. Group? $10 per person for a maximum of 5.
Online individual question? $10 per question answered.

Building your Apps ?..

The trend for apps, originally called programs or software, instead of buying them off the shelf, or subscribe the standard programs, it will be more efficient and beneficial to build on your demand, your need or your requirements and they can be be updated right away to fix bugs. It will fit your preference. Like a personal tailor, the program will be built using online technology to help your business without loosing your security or privacy. Please call for more information.

Choosing a website ?..

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My first book on cantonese: Learn Cantonese series 1

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