Cantonese Principal單韻母 monophthongs/Diphthongs複韻/Ending尾韻
Tone Level - Entering/Non-entering

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Non-entering tonesEntering tones
forall principals vowels, diphthongs and vowels ending with m, n, ngall vowels ending with p, k and t. Like stop, duk and dat in English. Short and Sudden
listprincipals:aa, i, u, e, o, y,oe
diphthongs:au, aau, ai, aai, iu, ui, oi, ou, oei, ei
m, n, ng ending: aam, am, aan, an, aang, ang, im, in, ing, un, ung, oen, oeng, eng, on, ong, yun
p, k, t ending: aap, ap, aak, ak, aat, at, ip, ik, it, ut, uk, oet, oek, ot, ok, yut
tone levels6 tone levels: high 1, high 2, high 3, low 1, low 2, low 3.
1, 2, 3 stands for flat, rising and falling
3 tone levels: high, mid, low