The Linquistic Society of Hong Kong Cantonese Romanization Scheme (Jyutping)
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PinYin/Ping3Jam1 How to

Example 1: jam → 音 (without tone level)
Example 2: sin2 → 冼 (with tone level)
Example 3: hot8 → 喝
Example 4: -aa2 → 啞 (need - for no consonant)
There is no single 'a', use 'aa'.
Regular tones run from 1 to 6
Entering tones ending p,k,t run from 7-9
Consonants: -, b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, g, k, ng, h, gw, kw, w, z, c, s, j
Vowels: aa, i, u, e, oe, yu, o, aai, aau, ai, au, ei, iu, ou, oi, oey/oei, ui, aam, am, im, aan, an, in, on, oen/eon, un, yun, aang, ang, eng, ing, ong, oeng, ung, aap, ap, ip, aat, at, it, ot, oet/eot, ut, yut, aak, ak, ek, ik, ok, oek, uk

You can use the syllable table here: click GET TABLE OR click SYLLABLE TABLE

If you are using the table, first click the consonant button/cell, then click the vowel button/cell, then click the button GO
香港語言學會拼音(粵拼)方案 - 拼音取字(廣東話,粵語,廣府話,廣州話)