I Love Cantonese Page re-make

Friday, 25. October 2013

Further talking to my daughter, I made another new page for my “I Love Cantonese” site. There is a purpose and the main purpose now is to allow anyone enter chinese characters using LSHK (Language Society of Hong Kong) ping jam method. The new page is just for chinese input and that is the main purpose. The original page can still be accessed through the link on the top right corner “我愛廣東話” button box if any one likes other purpose of the site like syllable enquiry, dictionary etc.

The following screenshot illustrates the change and shows the simple steps of getting the chinese character desired.

I love cantonese focussed Re-make of the I love cantonese website page

1. Click the consonant of the character syllable that you want. The set of characters with that consonant will be shown at the top part the table. All characters with the consonant click will be shown. The consonant selection buttons are in dark gray color.

2. Then just click on the character of the syllable desired. If you do not know the syllable of the character, move the mouse over the character to see the syllable of the character. If this syllable is what you think you need, click on it and the list of characters of the same syllable will be retrieved from the server. The organization of the syllables is based on the principle vowels a, i, u, e, o, y and oe. The dipthongs are above the principle vowels and ending vowels m, n, ng, p, k, and t are below the principle vowels.

3. Lastly click on the character you want. The character list will then disappear and you are ready to find another character of different syllable.

4. If you need a carriage return, it is at the end of the symbol table under the syllable table. And if you like to add a punctuation, click on the punctuation that you like on the symbol table.

This should be simple enough but if you still have problem, just let me know.

You can access the page here: http://pcwong.org/cantonese/ or http://cantonese.pcwong.org/

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