Mom and I

Mom and I

This is Pui-chor Wong. Sometimes I was called or other called me PC Wong. This wordpress is the most current version. I started using wordpress 3 or 4 years ago and the old wordpress is still implemented in ChorWong.com domain.

I set up Lee.PCwong.org to dedicate it to my mother who is, to me, the most kind-hearted person. She made me what I am to teach. I like to teach and this is why I am a teacher. Teaching is my profession. I am hired to teach and I lived on the job. Thank you for everyone to allow me to live in this humble profession.

I am a supporter for free education but still I need money to survive. A little contradicting but we all do.  Free is not to say that no money.  Donation and other form will be appreciated. In addition of the paying or buying format as in most business, giving and donating as in religion will help money to flow thus creating living and jobs as well.

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